Property Valuations – Residential, Commercial & Land

Assured Accuracy In The Independent Valuation
of Homes, Business Premises and Land

Anita Galbraith has been our in-house property valuation and property appraiser specialist at MG Architects since 2000. She is a registered Certified Valuer with the Institute of Professional Valuers and Surveyors (IPAV), and also a Recognised European Valuer (REV) and member of The European Group of Valuers Association (TEGoVA).

The ‘blue book’ standard of valuation is the highest quality valuation upheld by banks and many institutions throughout the European Union. Anita has gained years of experience working in the property valuation sector, particularly for the following purposes:

• Local Property Tax (LPT)
• Probate / Will
• Land / Property Transfer
• Mortgage purposes
• Accounting
• Compulsory Purchase Orders (CPOs) by a local authority
• Agricultural Valuation

anita for Property Valuations Donegal


A valuation of your residential property may be required for a number of reasons. Our experience and extensive knowledge mean we can guarantee that MG Architects will provide an accurate valuation of your residential property. We are also on the mortgage valuation panels for the majority of the main financial lending institutions.


Living in Donegal and working within an architectural background gives MG Architects an upper hand when it comes to land valuations. Knowledge of how the land can be used is a key component in appraising its worth. Anita Galbraith has extensive experience in accurately valuing all types of land, including sites with and without planning permission, and commercial property.


Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) valuation is a legal function that is required when certain statutory bodies need to acquire property or land without the consent of the owner. Our valuation surveyor is highly experienced in the area of Compulsory Purchase Order valuations in Donegal. She will accurately assess the compensation payable to those affected by a CPO and negotiate for the landowners or property owners in order to obtain their full entitlement to compensation.


Local Property Tax is a self-assessed taxation for which property owners must determine the market value of any property for which they are the liable person.

You must determine the market value of each property as at the valuation date of May 1, 2013. This valuation will not be affected by:
• Repairs or improvements made to your property
• General increase or decrease in property prices, during this period
• Any event after May 1, 2013, that negatively impacts on your valuation, for example, flooding or erosion.
• The next valuation date will be on November 1, 2021.
• You must declare the valuation for your property in your LPT1 return.
If you do not file your LPT1 return, the Revenue will estimate your liability to LPT. When you file your LPT1 return, the Revenue will remove the estimate.


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