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3105, 2020

Blog 10 – SECOND FIX

News, A House Fit for The Kings|

The Second Fix stage of a build consists of the finishing touches. This is when you start to see your house becoming a home and when the move-in date looks a lot closer in sight. After Christmas and once our floors dried out we got our electrician Denis Lavery Electrical to come back to fit our light switches, plugs, fuse board, etc.

2205, 2020

Blog 9 – FIRST FIX

News, A House Fit for The Kings|

What exactly is first fix stage some of you may be wondering? These terms are widely known for anyone in the trade but can be quite daunting if you are unfamiliar with construction, which to be honest, most self-builders are. This stage consists of plastering the walls,

1804, 2020

Blog 6 – A Roof Over Our Head

News, A House Fit for The Kings|

I only thought the design stage was hard until I had to start deciding on finishes for our dwelling. I started to loose my professionalism getting very indecisive as decisions had to be made. It's easy to see a finished product for a client but making a decision for myself that I will have to spend the rest of my life looking at is a whole other ball's giving me a better understanding for clients!

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