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Book a paid consultation now to discuss your dream build, property valuation or to discuss a unique design tailored around your vision.

The Consultation

The 1 hour consultation consists of pre-planning advice such as land zoning, development options for the site and house type considerations. Advice will be given to the design process, planning stage, building control compliance, and on site requirements.

We will advise on our fee schedule for taking a project from inception to completion and other associated fees such as expenses or consultants that may be required. We will also provide guideline figures on construction costs to ensure the project is designed to suit the budget. It’s a no-obligation discussion to gain as much information before starting a project.

Step 1: Book consultation via link below and pay the €100 fee (plus VAT).

Step 2: We will contact you and arrange a time that suits you. We can provide face-to-face or an online meeting.

*Please note, due to the current demand for our consultation service, appointments are occurring approximately 8-12 weeks from the date of  your online booking.*

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Book A Consultation