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Pre-Planning Site Analysis   


At MGA we ensure you have the best chance of moving forward with a planning application by carrying out pre-planning site analysis. We will look at the relevant planning policies associated with your site, check any previous planning history, check land folios and can arrange a pre-planning meeting with the Area Planner to discuss all proposals. 


Concept Design 

At the initial brief consultation, our Design Team will discuss and establish your specific needs. It is beneficial to consider your requirements; show examples of existing designs that you like as this gives the Architect an idea of the style you have envisaged. However, if you are unsure, don’t worry we are happy to explore designs to suit your needs. It is imperative that your budget is considered at this stage as this will determine the size and specification of your design. MGA advise our Clients to spend time at this stage to ensure the design developed is perfect for your needs and that every space has been considered in detail as it is much more cost-effective to make amendments during the design stage. Making changes on-site can have major implications for planning compliance, build time and costs. We encourage your feedback and amendments to evolve the initial draft scheme to the desired design of your dreams. 




Planning Process

MGA’s experienced Team will guide you through the planning process, appointing relevant Consultants, where required, and collecting the specific information, reports and drawings associated with your application. We will manage the lodgement of your application and deal with any further information that may arise once an application has been lodged with the relevant Planning Authority.


Detailed Design

Once your initial design has been established and Planning Permission has been approved, if required, we translate the developed design drawings into detailed working drawings. At this stage, a number of Consultants will work alongside our Team to ensure all aspects of your design have been considered and ensure your build is carried out to the required specifications and regulations. These drawings can be used for Building Control and for tendering purposes. MGA has a list of suitable Contractors that can guide you through the tender process if required. 



A competent Contractor is vital for your project as the Architect does not supervise the construction stage, this is the builder’s duty. We can be your independent advisor during the build process, carrying out site inspections at key stages and liaising with the Contractor. We can also issue stage payments and deal with mortgage drawdowns if required. It is vital to have a strong knowledgeable team to ensure you get the best-finished project. Unforeseen issues can arise at this stage and it is important to be aware of this and provide a Contingency Sum within the Tender Price to allow for these circumstances and if you are fortunate enough to not come across an unforeseen item then you have extra spending money for those luxurious furnishes you’ve had your eye on. We can also issue Certificates of Compliance on Completion, considering all planning and building regulations have been adhered to.


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