A stunning replacement dwelling for a family impacted by the MICA defective block issue, based in the stunning Greencastle, Co. Donegal with panoramic views of the Lough Foyle


One of the first MICA demolish and rebuild projects for our office, we took great pride in redesigning this stunning new home.

Upon client engagement, we identified the elements of the original design that had not worked, or were no longer working for the family. The site enjoys the most amazing sea views that the original design did not accentuate within the living spaces. The homeowners were using the back door through the utility space as their main entrance to the house and the front door was occupying a key liveable space with panoramic views that had sadly become a closed off space within the home.

The re-design ensured all the main living spaces occupied the front of the dwelling with large windows to take in the breath-taking views. The main entrance was relocated to the rear of the dwelling and the original unused front door space was replaced with a feature stairwell, allowing the homeowners to relish their amazing views daily.